About Us

Everything is composed of two opposite forces known as Yin and Yang. The two forces are in constant struggle within everything. When they reach harmony, the energy of life is created. Balancing ensures the continuation of life itself. This vision is at the heart of Mae&Ivy.


Our vision

At Mae&Ivy we can’t imagine anyone leaving the house without a bag. It is an essential part of any outfit, and it completes you. A stylish bag gives confidence and security. It is a unique and elegant item and the best organizer always within reach. For this reason, all bags have pockets for your essentials. Stylish with a practical touch, this vision is leading in all Mae&Ivy’s designs. With the plus that this does not have to come at the expense of our planet. This is the harmony we strive for.

mae & ivy black handbag balancing on an organic shaped vase with streaks of sunlight coming in the room

Mae&Ivy has evolved since its early days. As we have grown more conscious of our environmental impact, we have turned exclusively to vegan, cruelty-free products and we are working on selling only recycled materials. Today, Mae & Ivy is sold in select boutiques and online stores. We aim to be a counterpoint to fast fashion by creating durable, timeless pieces that will complement the rest of your wardrobe and never go out of style.




Our founder developed her passion for bags at an early age. She grew up between two worlds, the Netherlands and Hong Kong. Her bag quickly became essential to her on her travels. This was the basis from which she developed her view on bags and more importantly, the different cultures allowed her to develop an eye for fashion trends, which led her to a career in the fashion industry. First years for different fashion companies and nine years ago this path led her to follow her passion and set up her own design label. Bringing new designs to the European market while connecting with her roots. She named this Mae, her Hong Kong name. Mae represents her unique vision and creativity.




Another important aspect that is she took from her roots, is that life is about balance. No Yin without Yang, or in this case, no Mae without Ivy. Where Mae is synonymous for unique designs, Ivy stands for our harmony with nature. The combination Mae&Ivy ensures the elegant designs are produced with as little impact as possible, using recycled, vegan and cruelty-free fabrics only. And like the plant Ivy, Mae&Ivy is ambitious to always grow greener, with zero impact as end goal. This is a fundamental balance that Mae&Ivy wants to be a frontrunner in. No trade off but always in harmony. This is the energy that we want to create together with you. So, you can feel good about yourself & about your bag.

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